Salt Lake Comic Con here I come!

Posted by kristen on 2017-09-13 17:56:33

I'm headed off to Salt Lake Comic Con next weekend. This will be the very first convention I've ever tabled at and the first time I've ever sold my art in person to strangers. I'm super nervous and excited and a little bit nauesous. I've been planning this for months now, making sure I have all I need and watching every video on youtube about artist's alleys I can find. For an artist to build up the confidence to put a price tag on their work is a very big deal. You spend so many hours trying to "get good enough" and  lot of the time you feel like you'll never reach that level. I'm very proud to have gotten this far and I hope this convention goes well. I'd love to make going to conventions a regular thing for me and I'm really excited to make new products to sell.