Posted by kristen on 2018-05-23 18:22:16

I love making sticker designs but using a third party manufacture to make custom designs can be pricey. I've been trying to figure out how to make my own for quite a while now and I finally got a set up going. I only have two sticker packs currently, but if they sell well, I'm definitely going to make more. 

The first pack is a bunch of cute reptiles. I noticed at SLComic Con last year that a lot of the people coming up to look at my animals with food series wanted something for their bearded dragon or leopard gecko. I think there's an untapped market for reptile merch cause there's a ton of dog/cat pet merch but you don't see a ball python plushie anywhere. In my experience reptile owners are just as passionate if not more so with their pets. 

The second thing people kept asking for was bee stuff. I suppose I invited this since I named my business Burning Bee, and in hindsight I should have seen this coming. Well now I've got cute little bee stickers to stick on all your things. Although the designs I made were super hard to tetris onto the sticker sheet. 

We got a Silhouette Cameo 3 cutter to cut them out because my carpal tunnel isn't going to let me cut all those stickers out myself. I'd rather ruin my wrist from drawing. (just kidding, do wrist stretches kids) Anyway, this thing works great, good for small batches. If you're just barely getting started in selling your art though you might want to save up for it later. I only got this because my husband really really wanted a vinyl cutter. It's not super expensive, around 300, you might find it cheaper on ebay, but it's still a fair chunk for a new small business. Plus you need a printer to print out the sticker sheets in the first place. 

I really like the packaging I made for these stickers. They make me happy to look at, all neat and cute. I'm going to make a sticker display for cons and I'm starting to feel like a real business owner. It's easy to get imposter syndrome when you say you've started a business and everyone talks to you like you know what you're doing. But the secret is that no one knows what they're doing. 

I also made a sticker out of my logo, I used Stickermule for those purely because I found an awesome sale on diecut stickers. If you have to use a third party look out for those deals, they'll save you buckets.